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Why b2b files?

A level above Email and FTP

b2b files eliminates the management complexities and overhead involved in sending and sharing business files. Email was conceived for sending electronic mail; email was never designed for sending large files. b2b files will free your email from the cumbersome task of transmitting files. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) was original conceived by computer scientists for moving files to and from client computers and servers. FTP was never designed to move files from one client computer to another client computer. Managing FTP users and coordinating user access is time consuming and frustrating. IT departments in companies have been assisting employees in delivering files using a combination of Email and FTP servers. The consequence: costly man-hours and user management overload. b2b files' value is clear: lower cost and higher communication effectiveness.

Professional file communication with clients, vendors, partners, & colleagues

b2b files eliminates the communication overhead in sending and managing files. The smooth file transmission between you and your clients, partners, and colleagues will increase communication effectiveness, which is becoming a standard in this fast pace business environment. Communication between you and your clients, colleagues, and partners is co-branded with your corporate identity.

Versatility: Send, Request, Drop, Archive & Share Files

b2b files empowers every user with a wide array of file capabilities:

- Send (transfer) files to anyone using an email address.
- Request files from anyone (without an account) using an email address.
- Allow anyone to drop files into your b2b files account.
- Upload files to a directory for easy retrieval anywhere and anytime. You may select any file and send them to anyone as a delivery.
- Upload files to a directory and allow users to download files from and/or upload files to the respective directory.

Built for business

Our approach to file communication is designed around the evolving needs of our business customers. The b2b files application features can be developed to the specific needs of our customers. For enterprise customers requiring total control and privacy, we offer dedicated in house instances of our application while benefiting from our scalable technology and application updates.

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