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Frequently Asked Questions

Can our company pay in our country's currency?
Yes. Your plan can be invoiced and paid in your local currency. We can price our services in United States Dollars (USD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Euros (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP), or Australian dollar (AUD). To get a quote, contact sales@b2bfiles.net .

Can we purchase a custom b2b files service based on our unique needs?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to contact our sales staff (sales@b2bfiles.net) for unique pricing based on your file delivery and file sharing needs.

Can I delete a file from a folder that was used in a delivery?
Yes. You can delete a file in a folder that was used in a delivery and the delivery will still contain the file in question. A file that is sent in a delivery from a shared folder is effectively a duplicate of the file in the shared folder.

Can I request a file under the free lite account?
Yes. You may send a 'file request' to someone even if you do not have a paying account. However, the person receiving the request have to signup to a free lite account if he or she does not already have one. The recipient of the 'file request' will be instructed to create a free account and then proceed with the request. If you do have a b2b files subscription, the recipient of the file request will not be requested to signup or login in order to send you files.

Will I see the files I receive from a 'file request' or 'drop box' under the 'Deliveries' tab?
Yes. Once a file has been sent to you via a 'file request' or 'drop box', the delivery will be seen under the 'deliveries received' section under the 'Deliveries' tab. You will also get an email notification that a delivery was sent to you. When you pick up the received delivery, the sender of the delivery in question will receive an email notification that you picked the files in question.

Are deleted of expired files really gone?
Yes. All deleted or expired files are permanently deleted and purged from the b2b files system. We recognize that your business files can often contain sensitive information that should not remain in our system indefinitely.

Can I transfer files larger than 2GB?
Yes. In fact, you may transfer files up to 5GB. To do so, you must first upgrade to 1+ user account. Then, you must upload the file into a shared folder using the 'Advanced Uploader'. Once the file in question is in the folder, you may select it and send it as a delivery.

Can I upload folders?
Yes. You may upload folders into a shared folder using the 'Advanced Uploader'. However, when you select a folder from you local computer, it will list all files, including all files in sub-folders, on the 'Advanced Uploader' pane, as a flatten list. You can then upload all the files in question in the shared folder.

Why can't I create sub-folders?
b2b files' approach to file sharing is based on maximum simplicity and usability. Our customers appreciate the simplicity as it makes file communication and collaboration so much easier between clients, vendors, partners, and colleagues.

Can I import my contacts into b2b files?
Yes. Simply click on 'manage address book' under the 'Account' tab, and then click on 'Add users'. In the text box that pulls up, simply paste all emails from your copied exported list of emails. To export your list of contacts in a CSV or Excel format from an existing application, please reference your application's user/help manual. Once all emails are visible in your address book, they will appear as auto-complete options when you start typing an email.

Can a recipient know who the other recipients of a delivery are?
No. When sending a delivery to multiple recipients, the delivery is sent to each recipient individually. Each recipient is unable to see the other recipients on the delivery download page, except for the sender of the delivery. The sender will receive a delivery receipt notification email for each recipient that picks up the delivery.

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